APPG inquiry – infant formula costs

The APPGIFI has launched an inquiry on the costs of infant formula to families in the UK and the impact that the choice of infant formula, and the purchase of infant formula is having on the health, well-being and financial situation of families.

The inquiry wants to hear stories from families themselves, from those that care and support pregnant women and families with infants and children, those who work with food redistribution or food banking projects, with faith groups supporting communities and anyone else who has information to share on how families choose a brand of infant formula and manage the costs of formula feeding. We would also like to hear from those who work to support The Healthy Start scheme, health professionals who support families in the community and in hospital settings, those who support women with HIV, teenage or young parents, refugee or homeless families, those in live in refuges, those with no resource to public funds and organisations and local authority staff who deal with families in crisis.

Please note: The APPGIFI strongly believes that breastfeeding should be protected and promoted in the UK and that all women who wish to breastfeed should receive support to do so (as long as there is no medical reason to advise against it). This inquiry however focuses on UK families who use and purchase infant formula in the first year of their infant’s life, many of whom may exclusively formula feed for the majority of that time.

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The inquiry wants to collect stories and information from the recent past that may be lived experience, reported by others to you or which has been collected as part of other work. The focus is on infant formula costs, choice of infant formula and the impact of this on the health, well-being and finances of formula feeding families. We are however happy for submissions to include any relevant information on the costs of bottles, teats and sterilising equipment as well as fuel costs to prepare infant formula in the home. Please include quotes, comments and links to other material as appropriate.

You can use the form below to send in your submission, email your written submission to or post your submission to APPG on Infant Feeding and Inequalities, c/o Alison Thewliss MP, 33 London Road, Glasgow, G1 5NW. The deadline for written submissions is Tuesday 26th June 2018.

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Question 1 a): How is the cost of infant formula affecting family food budgets in the UK?

Question 1 b): Does the cost of infant formula impact on food purchasing for other family members?

Question 1 c): Does the cost of infant formula affect spending on other essential items?

Question 1 d): Have you or other family members had to borrow money to provide infant formula?

Question 2 a): What factors affect choice of infant formula by families?

Question 2 b): Was choice of infant formula affected by use of formula in hospital settings?

Question 2 c): What recommendations have you received from health workers regarding choice of infant formula brand?

Question 3 a): What alternatives to infant formula are used to feed babies less than one year of age?

Question 3 b): Where a family cannot afford infant formula, what other options do they use to feed their babies?

Question 3 c): In your opinion, do families get the support they need to make appropriate choices about infant formula use?

Question 4 a): What additional support should be provided to families who choose to use infant formula?

Question 4 b): How important is the Healthy Start scheme in supporting lower income families to buy appropriate formula?

Question 4 c): How could the Healthy Start scheme be expanded to offer better support to new mothers?

Question 4 d): What support should be provided to mothers who medically advised to formula feed, but do not have the financial resources to do so?

Question 5: Any further comments on the factors affecting infant formula choice, purchase and impact on family incomes?

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